The new NIA Administrator Peter Tiu Lavina introduced Blowing Bubbles as a new way of welcoming the New Year. It was a simultaneous affair of the National Irrigation Administration nationwide to blow bubbles right after the conduct of Flag Raising Ceremony. Its objective is blow away negativities and let it flown by the wind until it finally popped in the midair.

The sun is still yet to shine, but NIA Region 3 employees in chargeof the upcoming affair arrived at the offices’ covered court where the activity is to be undertaken. A large tarpaulin was placed on the stage adorned with green and white balloons. The mechanized bubble maker was also set up and toy bubblers were also prepared.

After the flag raising ceremony, each employee was given bubbler. After a short message of the untiring and beautiful NIA Region 3 Manager, Josephine B. Salazar the mechanized bubble maker starts to roll and produces bubbles. Likewise, employees simultaneously blow the bubbler. Hundreds of bubbles flew in the midair soaring above.

No more expensive wine drinking for a toast to welcome the new year of public service, it is now blowing bubbles for a New Beginning.