Christmas Party may be one of the most awaited occasions for the IMO Managers, for it is the time of judgement for the competition on the best maintained canal of the region for the year 2016. It is a way of giving rewards and citations to the effort exerted by the IMOs in the year round maintenance of irrigation canals.     

Division Managers as well as Section Chiefs of the Institutional, Operations and Engineering Sections of all IMOs were invited for them to witness the 2016 best maintained canal of the region. The committee in charge for the evaluation keenly observed the criteria for each competition, assuring that the judgement to be made is just and fair. And of course, the group would never be complete without the regions multi talented manager Josephine B. Salazar that despite her busy schedule managed to lead and conduct the activity.

The canal visitation of TARZAM IMO was conducted October 5-6, 2016 showing more than 20 kilometers of irrigation canal from the province of Tarlac up to the province of Zambales. It was followed by the BANE IMO canal visitation on 18 of October showing the maintained irrigation canals within the area of Bulacan. PAMBAT IMO as well boastfully showed its maintained canals of the Pampanga area up to the canals conveying water in the province of Bataan. The final judgement was borne by the Aurora satellite office, which was scheduled for visitation only on November 22, 2016.

In the layman’s eye all IMOs were equally done the task very satisfactorily, but still there would be even a hairline difference. And that is the responsibility of the Committee to carefully evaluate and declare who is the better one from among the best. 

The final verdict after the profound evaluation of the committee will be served on the Regional Christmas Party of the region. A judgement that would be fair and just in accordance with the criteria set by the NIA Region 3 management. The exerted effort of IMOs for the canal maintenance shown during the visitation is a manifestation that IMOs were devoted to clean the canals and likewise a manifestation for a JOB WELL DONE.