Computerized Accounting and Payroll System Seminar was held at Sinagtala Resort, Orani, Bataan on October 24 to 28, 2016 participated by NIA Region 3 Accounting personnel in Region and IMO offices. The system is developed by Mr. Rommel T. De Vera who was also the main resource speaker in the 5-day Workshop Seminar.

            This activity was a result of the 5 day seminar for NIA Finance Staff from different regions held at Baguio City last March through the efforts of AFD Managers Rochelle R. Cervantes (Reg. 3) and Grace C. Fanged (CAR). The seminar in Baguio has inspired Mr. De Vera to improve the system introduced by NIA MARIIS and have been used by NIA Region 3 Finance personnel.         

Manager Prudencio B. Santos  of PAMBAT IMO welcomed the regional participants and Manager Rochelle R. Cervantes of AFD discussed the importance and the overview of the 5 day seminar-workshop.

The main focus of the seminar is to improve the reporting output of the Regional Office and different IMOs. This seminar is divided into two parts, the Payroll System and the Computerized Accounting System for the Report of Disbursement.

            “Payroll system is flexible and can adapt to formats any IMO is currently using. With the system, payroll will be prepared only once in a month and the generation of remittances and payslip will be a breeze.

Computerized Accounting System revolves mainly in the preparation of the Report of Disbursement. The format use in the data entry is the base of everything.”

Part of the discussion is the introduction of the use of Pivot Tables which was discussed by Joseph Adrian Bitangcol. Pivot tables are very useful in generating different types of reports from a database according to the needs of the users. Also discussed is the introduction of MS Excel format for easier monitoring of ASA received and obligated of the Accounting Processors of IMO offices, led by Daisyl G. Dimapilis. It is expected that the format introduced will help them in the real time monitoring of ASA balances and in preparation of Financial Accountability Reports.

Basic knowledge in Microsoft Excel is the key in the two systems. During the workshop participants are highly active and a lot of questions have been brought up in the discussion.

A short review of different accounting and budget terminologies was also discussed by Emily G. Echavarria, focusing on the definition of Obligation, Disbursement and Accounts Payable. The new formats of “Disbursement Voucher” and “Obligation Request and Status” were also presented and explained for their use effective November 2016.

Most of the time of the 5 day seminar was devoted to workshops to practice and familiarize the participants on the use of the developed system and address the problems that they may encounter. The hands-on workshop is very useful because it was able to address some peculiarities in each of the IMO offices and make adjustments/improvements to the systems that were introduced. They were required to submit printouts of their workshop outputs as part of this back-to-office report.

RIM Josephine B. Salazar graced the event and provided enlightenment to some issues and concerns of the administrative and finance during the Management Interaction part of the seminar. 

The participants were excited to use the new systems introduced. According to the participants, the new payroll system will help them in easier preparation of payroll and its corresponding disbursement voucher for remittances. The cashiers of the IMO offices appreciated the cash disbursement report because it automatically recapitulate the entries of the disbursement by Account Codes and by ASA by using the PIVOT formulas in excel. IMO Offices are expected to apply and use the system for the timely submission of reports, efficient and accurate reporting and will have time to analyze the reports for a more value added work in the organization.