Invitation to Bid Listing

Year Code (PAP)  Program/Project ABC (PhP)
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-AU-1 AMRO RIS                   18,900,000.00
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-AU-2 CALABGAN CIS                     4,726,973.25
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-AU-3 DIAMANEN CIS                     4,727,845.58
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-AU-4 DIAGYAN CIS                        472,500.00
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-NE-5 CONVERSION CIS                     9,008,847.11
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-NE-7 INASAN CIS                     9,399,087.08
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-NE-8 PARANG BUGNAN CIS                   13,962,992.72
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-NE-9 TAGUMPAY BAGONG SIKAT CIS                   32,628,996.00
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-NE-11 TED TED TI LING-IT CIS                   18,595,548.77
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-NE-12 CALAANAN CIS                   31,940,569.20
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-PAM-13 PORAC GUMAIN RIS                     6,142,520.35
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-PAM-14 PAMPANGA DELTA RIS                   10,017,106.89
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-BAT-15 COLO LAYAC BALSIC RIS                     6,331,497.44
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-PAM-17 SAN PEDRO II CIS                        945,000.00
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-BAT-18 LOWER CALAGUIMAN CIS                     1,889,993.00
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-BAT-19 KAPITAN TOMAS CIS                        945,000.00
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-TAR-20 CAMILING RIVER IRRIGATION SYSTEM                   45,974,394.94
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-TAR-21 TASMORIS                     1,872,448.00
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-TAR-22 BALUTU (1) CIS                     3,729,899.25
2017 PIDP3-C-CAMRISN-2 Replacement of Sluicegate with Motorized Lifting Mechanism at                                                                                                                     Magsaysay Dam and Concrete Lining at Tanggal Kumon Lateral P-1
Camiling River Irrigation System
2017 NIAR3-RRECIS-2017-TAR-CALIUS-GUECO CIS-23 Rehabilitation / Improvement of Diversion Works and Canal System of Calius-Gueco CIS                   23,475,610.23
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-NE-6 Rehabilitation of Canal System of BAGTING CIS, Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija                   14,045,804.14
2017 NIAR3-2017-TYP-NE-10  Rehabilitation of Diversion Works and Canal System of TABASACA CIS                   13,968,741.43
2017 SIP-2017-TAR-DAVID CIP-24 Rehabilitation/Improvement of Diversion Works, Canal System and Service Road of David CIP                    37,480,852.03
2017 NIAR3-RRENIS-2017-BUL-BULO-SRIP-25 Construction of BULO SRIP Field Office                     1,201,424.14
2017 NIAR3-RRENIS-2017-ZAM-UPPER BAGSIT RIS-26 Construction of Canal Lining and Canal Structures of Upper Bagsit CIS                   25,415,813.90
2017 NIAR3-RRENIS-2017-PAM-PDRIS-28  Improvement of Canal System & Various Irrigation Facilities of Pampanga Delta RIS                   27,003,944.74
2017 NIAR3-RRENIS-2017-BUL-AMRIS-29  Slope Protection Works of Angat-Maasim RIS                   28,585,676.97
2017 NIAR3-2017-NE-CALAANAN-27 Rehabilitation of Diversion Works and Canal System of Calaanan CIS                   21,729,624.63
2017  NIAR3-2017-NE-G-1 Supply and Delivery of Min. 8 HP Diesel Engine with Pump Including Accessories for CALAANAN CIS                   10,362,905.30
2017  NIAR3-2017-TYPE-NE-8A Improvement of Irrigation Facilities of Parang Bugnan CIS, Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija                   947,466.76
2017  NIAR3-2017-TYPE-NE-10A Construction of Canal System of Tabasaca CIS, Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija                   947,780.36
2017  NIAR3-2017-TYPE-NE-SANVICENTE-30 Rehabilitation of Canal System of San Vicente/Alintuntuan CIS Laur, Nueva Ecija                   946,915.47
2017  NIAR3-2017-TYPE-NE-7A Construction of Canal System of Inasan CIS, Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija                   945,168.69
2017  NIAR3-TYPE-2017-BAT-MAGSAYSAY-32 Rehabilitation of canal System of Magsaysay CIS Pilar, Bataan                   2,475,023.80
2017  NIAR3-TYPE-2017-BAT-NAGBAITO-33 Rehabilitation of canal system of Nagbaito CIS Morong, Bataan                   8,257,830.57
2017   NIAR3-TYPE-2017-PAM-SITIO IPIL-CIS-36 Rehabilitation of canal System and Resilting of Drainage Canal of Sitio Ipil CIS, Candaba, Pampanga                   3,780,026.00
2017  NIAR3-TYPE-2017-PAM STO.ROSARIO CIS-38 Rehabilitation of Canal System of Sto. Rosarion CIS Candaba, Pampanga                   3,780,179.00
2017  NIAR3-TYPE-2017-BAT-CAPITANGAN CIS-31 Rehabilitation of Canal System of Capitangan CIS Abucay, Bataan                   2,834,940.64
2017  NIAR3-TYPE-2017-PAM-GULAP CIS-35 Rehabilitation of Canal System of Pam Gulap CIS Candaba, Pampanga                   3,780,074.00
2017  NIAR3-TYPE-2017-PAM-PDRIS 7M-34 Rehabilitation of Canal System and Desilting of Drainage Canal of Pampanga Delta River Irrigation                   6,616,023.00
2017  NIAR3-2017-TYPE-AU-3 Construction of Concrete Canal Lining Diamaren CIS Dipaculoa, Aurora                   4,727,845.58
2017  NIA R3-2017-TYP-BAT-CLBRIS-41 Rehabilitation of Canal System and Improvement of Access Road of Colo Yalac Balsik RIS, Dinalupihan/ Hermosa, Bataan.                   3,023,391.62
2017  NIA R3-2017-TYP-PAM-SAN MIGUEL CIS-42 Rehabilitation of Canal System of San Miguel CIS, San Simon, Pampanga                   2,842,218.00
2019  NIAR3-2019-BAT-BIAAN PACKAGE 7-12 Supply, Delivery & Installation of Ground Water Pump (Provincewide)                   22,140,651.34