Job Enrichment Program for NIA Region 3 Young Engineers

January 30 - 31, 2019, The National Irrigation Administration Region 3, conducted a distinguished and peculiar seminar to its young engineers. A training aimed to help them establish paths for future success in the field of engineering by listening to the experiences shared by senior engineers who have been also tracked the boulevard of being neophytes before finally become successful in the field.

The experiences shared by each speaker are divergent yet idealistic. No one started from the top. No one instantly became a boss. Everybody started at the bottom, then gradually risen up. Like a bubble blown by a gentle breeze, it never started flying above, but at the bottom. It only reaches its topmost height of existence depending of the wind around.

From the Satellite heads to the Regional Managers, difficult experiences were being shared before slowly ascended. There may be similarities, but were a bit.

From those sharing, the participants understand and learned that the vital part of success is endeavoured. They also knew the role they are going to play being a part of the National Irrigation Administration.

The NIA Region 3 young engineers were likewise shared with the basic course in communication skills. Thereby enabling them to communicate effectively, because communication is the most important of all life skills. It is what enables people to understand and pass information.

The seminar was conducted through the effort and initiative of the ever supportive and beautiful NIA Region 3 Manager, Josephine B. Salazar and key staff with the objective of giving the young engineers the direction and to adopt innovation in the performance of each duty and responsibilities.

by Eliseo V. Bitangcol