A quality work place is essential to keep an employee on task and working efficiently. An excellent work environment is marked by such attributes as competitive wages, trust between the employees and management, fairness for everyone, and a sensible work load with challenging yet achievable goals.

It’s truly ravishing and satisfying to work in a new and aromatic workplace, where a worker never feel bored but instead so inspired to discharge services.

To further provide quality and prompt service to NIA’s clients, Manager Josephine B. Salazar exerted effort to renovate almost dilapidated NIA Offices within the region.

As manifestation, the Aurora Satellite office in San Luis, Aurora is previously a simple office with wooden partitions dividing its employees into units. The paint is all faded and furnitures were out of date.

Today, the walling which is painted in gloss with likewise glossy tile flooring, new decorative ceiling and glass partitions is the physique of the tiny office furnished with new office tables and chairs. There were also new equipment used by the employee in discharging a duty as public servants.

The once forlorn motel-like dormitory is now fully air conditioned rooms furnished with soft and neat double deck beds which can accommodate up to 8 guests. There is also a fully air conditioned conference room downstairs suitable for meetings, conferences and other form of gathering.

Other than the Aurora Satellite Office, the Nueva Ecija Satellite Office and the Pampanga Delta Satellite Office as well as the Cong Dadong Dam Control Office is now fully renovated.

The old Porac-Gumain RIS Office in Floridablanca, Pampanga and the AMRO Office in Casiguran, Aurora is on-going its renovation and is near completion.


by Eliseo V. Bitangcol