The NIA Regional Office 3 and the Tarlac-Zambales Irrigation Management Office (IMO) hosted the NIA Managers Meeting in Isla de Potipot Hotel and Beach Resort in Candelaria, Zambales on March 27 – 30, 2019. As part of the agency cost-cutting measures, participating managers arrived the resort via a rented tourist bus.

The meeting was attended by all the Regional, Project and Department Managers of the NIA as well as the Sr. Deputy Administrator, Deputy Administrator for Administrative and Finance and the Deputy Administrator for Engineering and Operations  under the leadership of Administrator Gen Ricardo R. Visaya (Ret). In addition, all management consultants were also present and participated in the event.

The objective of the meeting is to gauge and evaluate the 2018 performance of every Region/Project through the 2018 Office Performance Commitment Review (OPCR). The Agency overall scorecard is the basis for the grant of the Performance Based Bonus. So the management is very careful in reviewing its regions/projects 2018 performances.

The Deputy Administrator for Engineering and Operations C’zar M. Sulaik delivered the opening message wherein he informed that the 2019 budget is scheduled for approval by the President on the second week of April, 2019 while the submission of 2020 Budget will be on April 26, 2019. He likewise acknowledged the effort of NIA Contractors in taking risk in starting project construction despite the unreleased SARO of 2019 and taking advantage of the weather condition suitable for construction.

Deputy Sulaik also mentioned that a total of 216 units of service vehicle is set for procurement to be allocated 12 units in every regional offices. The first batch procured was 91 units, another 91 units will be bid out upon approval of 2019 Budget and the remaining 34 units is still in the office of the President for approval.

Operation and Maintenance equipment like backhoe was already procured and to be released to various regions. 

There is also a proposal to conduct training/workshops for NIA Planning Engineers for Material Testing.

And lastly, Deputy Sulaik reminded all regional managers to adopt mitigation measures for the El Nino Phenomenon and check potential solar projects in their area of jurisdiction.

NIA Administrator Gen Ricardo R Visaya (Ret) in his message, reminds all NIA Managers to improve the nations irrigation system to ensure water for Filipino farmers and support in the increase of the incentives. Also, the proposal and development of Solar Pump Projects to reservoir and eco-tourism parks like Bustos Dam in Region 3.

The Administrator also informed that the procurement of motorcycles is on process for use in supervision of projects.

Finally, Administrator Visaya reminded all Managers to submit status of vehicle procurements as well as the disposal/auction of unserviceable equipment.

During the discussion on the OPCR, Atty. Ailyn C. Agtuca-Selda, reminded that each target must be a qualifier to have a subjective rating and make use of the remarks column to justify unaccomplished target. 

Part of the meeting is the presentation of the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) wherein it’s Deputy General for Internal Affairs GenVillacorta (Ret) and staff presented the Government Agencies which were allegedly infiltrated by the CPP/NPA/NDF. The group also shared how the leftist groups able to recruit members from different government installations.


Also, given time for presentation is the GE Renewable Energy (Hydropower) which was presented and discussed by Mr. Jose D. Soberano, and the South Global Marketing (Solar Power) by Mr. Alvin James Guinto.

Attorney Adilberto Golla was given time to present the result of the project investigation conducted by his team nationwide and discussed the Basic Construction Procedure.

The last activity is the Team Building which was facilitated by the staff of NIA Region 3 wherein the Managers were grouped into two with 10 members each and 3 games were played, the “Building an Irrigation System”, “Blowing by the Wind” and the “Scavenger Hunt”.

In the Building an Irrigation System, each team members were given 10 pieces play money ranging from 1 to 10. Given also were the scheme of works to be funded by the money in possession. The Green team able to submit exact allocation in each project and won the Game.

The Blowing in the Wind on the other hand is a semi physical game where participants need to blow balloons and asked to a plastic cup on top of the table until it fall in the ground. The Game was won by the red team.

The last game is the Scavenger Hunt, wherein all team members were required of a mobile phone with camera and asked to take photograph of 10 hidden things within the playing perimeter. The first team to present the photos wins the game. And the Green Team finally made it.

On the day of farewell, the NIA Managers again boarded the rented bus bound to the NIA Central Office and all the way home.


by Eliseo V. Bitangcol