During this period of dry months of summer season wherein irrigation water is negligible in most places with no existing irrigation system, pump irrigation is the quickest method of acquiring dependable water supply and of course, is far more reliable.

Installation and distribution of Shallow Tube-well Pumps (STW)  is found to be the more effective and immediate assistance ,  NIA could provide to these farmers who are in dire need of water for their crops.

In between her tight schedules,  as  the concurrent Regional Manager  of NIA Region 3 and Project Manager of BBMP, our lady boss  Engr. Josephine B. Salazar, never fails to attend her commitments  with our farmer clients even in  far flung areas of Zambales  province.

Mam JBS together with TARZAM IMO Manager Boss Lari E. Ballesteros  and our newly assigned Officer In charge of  NIA-Zambales, Engr. Ruben R. Llamas , awards the 23 units of shallow tubewell pumps to 20 organized Farmers Associations from municipalities  of Subic, Castillejos and San Marcelino , all  belong to the 1st District of Zambales  of Hon. Jefrrey Khonghun , Congressman who  previously sought  assistance from NIA in support to the irrigation needs of his farmer constituents .

On top of the thirteen (13) unit STW pumps  from NIA-TARZAM IMO with 30% equity  paid by Congressman Khonghun , are  ten (10) units of water pumps came from NIA Regional Office  without equity,  courtesy of the Regional Irrigation Manager.

The sprawling  location of Congressman’s residence/office  was filled with delighted pump beneficiaries all belongs to registered farmers association who previously entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with NIA prior to acquisition of pumps as priority requirement. The pump beneficiaries fully understood the terms and conditions  of the NIA’s Pump Irrigation Program.