Region 3 RCIA BOT 2017-2021 Officers

Without initiative, leaders are simply workers in leadership positions.

  • Bo Bennett

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way

  • John C. Maxwell

Facilitated by the Regional IDS Staff, attended by the Provincial President and Vice President of the seven (7) provinces and witnessed by the respective IMO IDS Staff, new set of leaders for RCIA BOT for CY 2017-2021 was elected last February 22, 2017 at Farmers Training Center, San Rafael, Bulacan.

As per RCIA By-Laws, the seven (7) provincial president and eight (8) vice president (2 vice-presidents in case of Bulacan) has the authority to elect the new RCIA BOTs officer through secret balloting. The new set of front-liners will be the representative of thousands of farmer members to voice-out their needs, extendlinkages to other agencies and opportunities that could lead a better farmers income, rice production increase and rice self-sufficiency attainment for Region 3.

Let’s take a look to Region 3 RCIA BOT 2017-2021 Officers, our partners for change:

President:                   Guillermo N. Mangalus

Vice President

            Internal:         Dominador M. Serrano

            External:         Hipolito P. Venzon

Secretary:                   Vistoriano P. Costales

Treasurer:                 Nazario G. Vinuya

Auditor:                      Raymundo T. Paulino, Sr.

PRO:                            Daniel A. Villanueva


Board of Trustees:    Carlos R. Dimaapi

Rodrigo L. Valencia, Sr.

Serafin C. David

Antonino E. Cada, Sr.

Norberto F. Paladan

Joy DL. Coloma

Graciano R. Manio

Rodinio T. Sotero

            Executive Secretary: Christopher G. Santos