Another milestone for NIA Region 3 the rising of another Division Manager to Acting Project Manager of the Balog-Balog Multipurpose Project Phase II in Tarlac City, Tarlac.

For over 4 decades, managers of NIA Region 3 just came and go and no one from amongst its ranking officials were given the opportunity for advancement. It seemed that the skill and capability of Central Luzon Engineers were overlooked by the appointing authorities.

Luckily, a new manager for the region came and upon learning the fate of Region 3 personnel in terms of promotions started to train its staff to move forward. At the start, it’s hard to move people from one place to another but it was the only way to train and grow neophytes. Amidst the employee’s recession, the trust and full support were endowed to alleviate each morale and to strive hard in the field of management.

Recently, TARZAM IMO Division Manager Prudencio B. Santos (PBS) was designated as Acting Project Manager of the Balog-Balog Multipurpose Project Phase II in Tarlac City. A project which has been in existence for more than 30 years. In the Management of Manager PBS, the NIA Top Management is with high hope that the project would meet its completion not for long. The Turnover of Management was conducted on June 2, 2020 at the BBMP II Office in Matatalaib, Tarlac presided by the NIA Administrator Gen Ricardo R Visaya (Ret).

Subsequently, Turnover of TARZAM IMO Management was conducted, replacing Manager PBS in TARZAM IMO is his Section Chief for Engineering Section, Engr. Jaime A. Mananghaya, another true blooded NIA’n who have been devotedly working and serving his expertise in NIA for almost half of his lifetime. The ceremony was presided by the NIA Deputy Administrator for Engineering and Operations Sector, C’zar M. Sulaik.

In just five years, NIA Region 3 provided the agency one (1) Regional Manager and two (2) Project Managers. A clear manifestation that NIA Region 3 possesses rank and file employees with potentials to seat in higher posts of the agency. All of these opportunities just happened in the realm of Engr. Josephine B. Salazar as the Region 3’s Regional Manager.

by Eliseo V. Bitangcol