VIZAL SAN PABLO Irrigators Association


     Vizal San Pablo Irrigators Association, Inc. is located at Vizal San Pablo, Candaba, Pampanga, more or less 70 kilometers North of Manila. 

     It was organized on April 21, 1989 by selected Farmers under Farmer Irrigators Organizing Project (FIOP) having 205.86 hectares, 138 members, 6.760 kilometers length of canal and 8 Turn-out Service Area (TSA) or BSM (Buketeng Samahan), each TSA / BSM has five elected officers (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor) who were in charge in the Operation and Maintenance and Institutional Activities of the Irrigators Association.

     The Association was registered in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 30, 1990 with Registration No. A192917.  They entered into Type 1&2contract on May 27, 1991.  The farmer members were using pumps and engines (de-otso) for their irrigation and collecting 13cavans per hectare from farmer members for their Irrigation Fees and Operational Expenses.

     In 2000, the Irrigators Association entered into Modified Type 1& 2 Contract, during the reign of the IA President Nolasco Manabat, the Association borrowed two (2) Units of Perkins Pump from Pampanga Delta Office and purchased five (5) units of Voltron Pumps in the year 2002.  Since the acquisition of pumps, the diesel consumption of the Irrigators Association was lessened.  The treasurer of the Association during that time, Mr. Nelson Carangian and the Board of Directors (BOD) decided to borrow P 500,000.00 from the farmer people with 5% interest in one cropping season.  The excess money collected from the members became the initial fund of the Irrigators Association which amounted to P  159,000.00 and continue to increase yearly, on the year 2004, the fund of the IA was already P  400,000.00.

     In the year 2008, Vizal San Pablo Irrigators Association, Inc. was one of the acquisitioners of the Flatbed Dryer from the Department of Agriculture.

     On January 4, 2010, the Association entered into IMT-Model 2 Contract servicing an area of 150.87 hectares with 148 members, 6.760 kilometers canal length and eight (8) BSM.

     On the year 2011, the Association conduct re-organization.  The following are the elected officers from 2011 up to present:

     Vizal San Pablo Irrigators Association, Inc. was also involved in other programs/projects from other government agencies like Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) and other Local Government Units (LGU).  The present rate of Irrigation Service Fee (ISF) Rate for Dry Season is P  2,550.00 per hectare and for Wet Season is P  1,700.00 per hectare.  Their diesel consumption during dry season is equally divided to their irrigated area.  They have no pump operation during Wet Season.  The Collection Efficiency of the Irrigators Association is 100% consistently, collecting on IA ISF Collection Incentive Share every cropping season.  For both seasons, the Irrigators Association are hiring two (2) Collectors paid for P 18,000.00), one (1) Water Operator paid for 40 cavans, and payment of  the space rental for the installation of  pumps  is 20 cavans every cropping season. Additional Water Tender for dry season is hired (26 cavans). Proper planning, good leadership, firm implementation of IA Policies and system, holding of regular meetings and well-disciplined members are the qualities of the Irrigators Association and well managing budget for their resources.  ISF Collection is never a problem to them, a member who fails to pay will not be served in the next cropping season.   

     As of to date, the Vizal San Pablo Irrigators Association, Inc. continues to develop a strong and viable Organization.


by Ma. Concepcion G. Santos, BANE IMO