The NIA Regional Office 3 and the Tarlac-Zambales Irrigation Management Office (IMO) hosted the NIA Managers Meeting in Isla de Potipot Hotel and Beach Resort in Candelaria, Zambales on March 27 – 30, 2019. As part of the agency cost-cutting measures, participating managers arrived the resort via a rented tourist bus.

The meeting was attended by all the Regional, Project and Department Managers of the NIA as well as the Sr. Deputy Administrator, Deputy Administrator for Administrative and Finance and the Deputy Administrator for... read more

A quality work place is essential to keep an employee on task and working efficiently. An excellent work environment is marked by such attributes as competitive wages, trust between the employees and management, fairness for everyone, and a sensible work load with challenging yet achievable goals.

It’s truly ravishing and satisfying to work in a new and aromatic workplace, where a worker never feel bored but instead so inspired to discharge services.

To further provide quality and prompt service to NIA’s clients, Manager... read more

February 15, 2019 - The National Irrigation Administration – Region 3 turned over to the Castillo Farmer Settlers the two (2) units of water pump driven by a diesel engine as prime mover installed in a concrete pump house above a protective dike which will irrigate 361 hectares of farmland owned and tilled by 69 farmer beneficiaries.

The irrigation system was constructed at the Barangay Castillo in Concepcion, Tarlac, approximately 15 kilometers northeast from the town proper. Its main source of irrigation water is the Chico River,... read more

January 30 - 31, 2019, The National Irrigation Administration Region 3, conducted a distinguished and peculiar seminar to its young engineers. A training aimed to help them establish paths for future success in the field of engineering by listening to the experiences shared by senior engineers who have been also tracked the boulevard of being neophytes before finally become successful in the field.

The experiences shared by each speaker are divergent yet idealistic. No one started from the top. No one instantly became a boss.... read more

Conquering the heat of the incoming summer, the NIA Region 3 key staff under the leadership of Manager Josephine B. Salazar conducted its Review and Planning Workshop in Newtown Plaza Hotel in Baguio City on January 10 to 12, 2019.

The Regional Manager imparted the messages and marching orders of the NIA Administrator Gen Ricardo R Visaya relative with the project implementation of the agency. Included is the methodology of using the CCTVs and drones in monitoring of dams and other irrigation facilities. Likewise, the possibility of... read more

The Bulacan-Aurora-Nueva Ecija IMO distributed initial of 26 units Centrifugal pumps to farmers of Congressional District 3 of the Province of Bulacan composed of the municipalities of Angat, Norzagaray, San Rafael, San Ildefonso, Dona Remedios Trinidad and San Miguel.

The awarding of the pumps was conducted on November 12, 2018 at HAFEI Building, Galas, San Rafael, Bulacan which was participated by 125 farmers from around District 3. Certificate of awards was given to all lucky beneficiaries by both the NIA and the Office of... read more

The NIA Region 3 on its own simple way celebrated the Emerald or 55th year anniversary of the National Irrigation Administration. The event was composed of Awarding, Cheers and Presentations competitions and Team Building. Emerald is known to its green brilliant color, like the celebration which was filled with brilliant ideas in creating cheers and choreographies for presentations in aspiration to bring home the bacon and be addressed to be the... read more

Amidst the heavy and occasional rain showers, 230 men and women of NIA Region 3 with 50 employees from the Central Office and 20 Irrigators Association Officers jointly planted 3,500 assorted seedlings of mahogany, narra and mangium tree in the sloping area of mountainous Barangay Nabuklod, Floridablanca, Pampanga. There were also 30 uniformed men from the 48th Infantry Battalion headed by LTCOL ArnelCabungon who likewise planted trees in watershed area of 20,000 square meters, the group also provide security for the planters.

... read more

The 990,37 Million Bulo Small Reservoir Irrigation Project located in Barangay Kalawakan, Municipality of Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan was broken its ground on April 30, 2018 by selected officials from Local Government Units and other government agencies.

The groundbreaking ceremony was led by the National Irrigation Administration Administrator, Gen Ricardo R Visaya (Ret) as Guest of Honor and the Guest Speaker of the occasion was the mother of the 3rd District of Bulacan, Honorable Congresswoman Lorna C. Silverio.

... read more

Three months before the creation of National Irrigation Administration under Presidential Decree No. 552, a baby girl was born in Cabanatuan City. The proud parent named the new born Josephine.

The baby turned to be child and a lady after many years and became a professional Civil Engineer. National Irrigation Administration adopted Josephine and later became NIA Region 3 Manager.

Without her knowledge, the NIA Regional Office staff with the support of all Division Managers region wide prepared a simple celebration for... read more