System Management Training (SMT) and Strategic Planning and Policy Formulation (SPPF) of Dibacong Irrigators Association, Inc. held at Casiguran, Aurora.

In preparation for the 8th Leg of KASAMA SA PAMANA: REGIONAL PRE-SONA at San Fernando, Pampanga, Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles met with NIA Region III Officials.

Regional Manager Josephine B. Salazar, IMO Managers Lauro E. Ballesteros, Isabelito V. Bitangcol and Jaime A. Mananghaya discussed NIA Region III's programs and projects in support to the Administration's Development Plans.

The NIA Region III Management also received COVID Care Packages from the Cabinet Secretary such... read more

The Pampanga Provincial Federation of Communal Irrigators Association, Brgy. Gulap Paralaya FIA and San Agustin San Luis IA received their O&M Subsidy for Dry Season 2021. The activity was led by Engr. Isabelito Bitangcol, Division Manager of PAMBAT IMO and Ofelita S. Pangan Acting IDS Chief.

The association are sincerely grateful for the unceasing support of NIA.

The NIA PAMBAT IMO conducted a MOA signing with Divisoria Mexico Farmers Irrigators Association with the supervision of Engr. Isabelito Bitangcol, Division Manager, PAMBAT IMO and Ofelita S. Pangan, Acting IDS Chief.

This activity was supervised by PAMBAT IMO Manager Engr. ISABELITO V. BITANGCOL with the aim to dewater the submerged area of more than 60 hecates of Bagong Sibol IA at Brgy. San Pedro, San Simon, Pampanga.

Pampanga Delta RIS Chief Engr. CHRISTIAN C. MANALO personally inspected the conduct of the said activity. With him are the O&M Staff of PDRIS - LAWRENCE PEREZ, JUNE MANIEGO and CRIS CALMA. This was also witnessed by Bagong SIbol IA Chairman Mario... read more

DAY 2: Ongoing Canalization of San Patricio Canal in Mexico, Pampanga in coordination with San Patricio IA and Consta IA of Division 6 of Pampanga Delta RIS.

The activity was undertaken by O&M of PDRIS led by Engr. CHRISTIAN C. MANALO, under the supervision of PAMBAT IMO Manager Engr. ISABELITO V. BITANGCOL and through the management and leadership of Regional Manager Engr. JOSEPHINE B. SALAZAR.

The National Irrigation Administration PAMBAT IMO conducted MOA Signing with San Roque Sambile Magalang Farmers Irrigators Association under CARP-IC project.

One of the ongoing projects of NIA BANE IMO, particularly the construction (post-tensioning) of Buspan Bridge, located at Bustos Bulacan was inspected by Engr. Jasper Garcia, Engr. Amiel Nicdao, and Engr. Bryan Valmeo along with the Acting Chief of Engineering Section, Engr. Joel Odi. An engineer from the contractor side was also with them during the site inspection.

NIA PAMBAT IMO Engineering Staff led by PIC Engr. John Alvin Dionisio with Engr. Clarrise Joy Caisip and the Survey Team conducted the Laying Our for IBIS CIP CY 2021 Diversion Dam and Main Canal. They also inspected the delivery of materials for the project by RIMJ Construction which was witnessed by the Chairman of Brgy. Ibis, Bagac, Bataan.