On June 15 to 22, 2020, in spite of the Community Quarantine, the IAT visited NIA Region 3 to verify the quality of works, covering the areas of UPRIIS, BBMP II and Region 3.  In virtue of MC 61 s 2019, the team is tasked to conduct inspection and assessment on all NIA completed and on-going projects, determine and validate all queries and complaints on NIA Projects, assist concerned NIA Officials and Personnel and address issues in order to fast track all pending projects.

The Team is composed of IAT Team... read more


June 22, 2020 - During NIA Region 3's Celebration of NIA's 57th Anniversary, a simple Turnover of Leadership Ceremony was conducted and headed by Regional Manager Josephine B. Salazar. Outgoing Engineering Section Chief, and now, Acting Manager of TARZAM IMO, Engr. Jaime A. Mananghaya, turned over the management of the Engineering Section to Engr. Tito M. Lacanlale. Also, due to the forthcoming retirement of Mr. Ruben B. Romero, the management of the Administrative and Finance Section of... read more

Due to the Community Quarantine brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic, a 3-day Training Workshop for Data Privacy Act Awareness, Privacy Impact Assessment, and Cyber Security was conducted via video conference last June 24-26, 2020. The training workshop, as required by the National Privacy Commission, aimed to create awareness on R.A. 10173 or otherwise known as Data Privacy Act Law of 2012. It was hosted by Management Information Division of NIA Central Office and was attended by the Administrative Section Chiefs... read more

The National Irrigation Administration, in coordination with the University of the Philippines Los Banos Foundation Incorporated, conducted a 3-day seminar on the Capacity Building on Geodatabase Establishment and Management Relative to the National Irrigation Master Plan. The seminar was held at the NIA Region III Farmers Training Center last February 26-28, 2020 and was attended by NIA employees from the different Regions and Projects. It was also graced by Engr. Rogelia Dela Torre of CORPLAN, Engr. Isidora Camaya of MID, and Engr.... read more

The National Irrigation Administration Regional Office No. 3, in participation with NIA R3 Multi-Purpose Cooperative, joined this year’s Celebration for Women’s Month with the theme “We Make Change Work for Women.”

The month-long celebration includes activities that were intended to give service to the female personnel of the Office. One of the activities was the Photo-Liking Contest wherein different sections submitted an entry that depicts Women Empowerment. It was uploaded later on Facebook for the votes of the... read more

Another milestone for NIA Region 3 the rising of another Division Manager to Acting Project Manager of the Balog-Balog Multipurpose Project Phase II in Tarlac City, Tarlac.

For over 4 decades, managers of NIA Region 3 just came and go and no one from amongst its ranking officials were given the opportunity for advancement. It seemed that the skill and capability of Central Luzon Engineers were overlooked by the appointing authorities.

Luckily, a new manager for the region came and upon learning... read more

After the sudden occurrence of rupture in rubber bladder no. 5 of Angat Afterbay Regulator (Bustos) Dam on May 10, 2020, series of meetings via ZOOM Application Google conferencing was hosted by the NIA Region 3 with the management of ITP Construction and officials concerned from the Construction Management Department headed by the NIA Deputy Administrator for Engineering and Operations Sector C’zar M. Sulaik to discuss the measures to be undertaken to repair/replace the broken rubber gate.

To personally view the damage of the... read more

Untoward incidents may happen in workplaces in unexpected time. Lack of knowledge, training and skills may cause not only harm but inappropriate response and protocol when the need arises.  The front liners in securing the office, properties and personnel must be well trained and equipped to their duties especially during emergencies.  They must be physically and mentally fit to respond to the call of their duty, hence, the Administrative and Finance Division conducted the Training for... read more

For years NIA-CARP IC completed and proposed  projects in Zambales have demonstrated remarkable  performances in terms of institutional and  o and M activities. Two (2) ARISP projects completed in 2011, the Lomboy CIS of Almasin Lomboy IA and the Taposo CIS of Dalig Hobol IA have exhibited great performance in the operation and management of their irrigation system thru  their respective  irrigator Associations.

Just recently, the Dalig Hobol IA of Taposo CIS located in Candelaria, Zambales is chosen as the regional nominee for the... read more