The NIA Constructors Performance Evaluation (CPE) team for civil works, led by Engr. Nestorio G. Palao, conducted their evaluation of BANE IMO (Bulacan) projects which includes AMRIS – Improvement of North Main Canal, Lat. C-1 & C-2, Lateral B & C, Lat. E-4-B & E-4-C, South Main Canal, and Road Concreting of NMC & SMC.

The team was assisted by the BANE IMO - Engineering Section and representatives from the contractor's side. This aims to monitor our contractors’ performance, and the agency infrastructure projects... read more

The field validation for the Enhanced Farmland Geographic Information System was conducted to update the Parcellary Map and farmer's master list of the AMRIS - Pampanga Area which was organized by BANE IMO through the help of the 46 IA's under the Pampanga Area. This activity aims to provide a digitized Parcellary Map of Angat-Maasim River Irrigation System (AMRIS) – Pampanga Area, location of NIA structures digitally; updated registry of farmers and database eliminating redundant or duplicated information, and information system that... read more

On June 20, 2022, NIA Region 3 held its Blood Donation Activity, in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross - San Rafael, Bulacan. This is a part of the local celebration of the NIA's 59th Anniversary and as a program to support its Corporate Social Responsibility. Employees were screened and thirty-one of them passed the basic requirements for potential blood donors, who were then collected 500cc (1 bag) of blood, each. #TuloyAngDaloyNIA

NIA Region III and BANE IMO personnel welcomed NIA CARAGA representatives in the Orientation on Angat-Maasim RIS Modernization of Irrigation System Projects and ocular inspection of automated dam systems. #TuloyAngDaloyNIA

The Zambales Satellite Office conducted a Coordination Meeting with the officers of Manyaro Ballag IA of Paite Balincaguing CIS in San Narciso to assist in the preparation of financial reports in compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and other documents needed in registration with Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), and opening of IA Bank Account. #TuloyAngDaloyNIA

Awarding of O&M Subsidy for Pingit FIA and Bau-Zal Mannalon IA at the Aurora Satellite Office. The said subsidy will be used for the maintenance of the system for smooth water delivery and distribution. #TuloyAngDaloyNIA

The seminar on the use of the newly-installed Telemetry Rainfall and River Gauge Station via GSM was attended by the TARZAM IMO Engineering Section and TASMORIS. #TuloyAngDaloyNIA

The Camiling RIS conducted its Regular Staff Meeting wherein all units presented their accomplishment and remaining targets for the third and fourth quarters. #TuloyAngDaloyNIA

The Camiling RIS facilitated the CAMRIS Monthly Federation Meeting to discuss the federation and IA Status, Operation and Maintenance updates, Condonation Status, Equipment, Engineering / Project / Institutional Development Updates. Private institutions were also invited during the federation meeting to offer services to our Irrigators Associations. #TuloyAngDaloyNIA

The Aurora Satellite Office conducted the awarding of O&M Subsidy for Dry Crop 2022 to Cabatangan Mapula Farmers and Irrigators Association in support to the various operations and maintenance activities of the Irrigators Associations. #TuloyAngDaloyNIA