Social, Technological, Educational and Exchange Program of CAMRIS IA Federation (SMNTCF FIA)

On May 15-17, 2024, CAMRIS IA Federation/Samahang Magsasaka ng North Tarlac Council Federation of Farmers Irrigators Association (SMNTCF FIA) selected NIA ANE IMO as Social, Technological, Education and Exchange Program (STEEP) as the main destination to establish good relationships with other IA Federation and at the same time to personally observe and gather relevant advanced development of different irrigation systems and facilities.

This activity aims to learn and adapt other methods of managing an irrigation system, to understand the different O&M practices based on the type of irrigation structure, to identify weaknesses, strengths, and concerns to further improve the performance of the system for a well-directed and unified system, and to promote good working relationship and teamwork among IA.

Giving incentives in the form of study tours and field trips among IA Presidents of SMNTCF FIA is an effective motivation for these IA leaders to strive more to undertake effectively their roles and responsibilities in the operation and maintenance of their respective irrigation systems as well as management of their respective IAs.